initial idea and project started by Tom McClintock
added, extended, revised and used with kind permission by Ansgar Thomann
with special thanks to Alan De Feyter, Andreas Tjornehoj, Kenneth Sausville, Gabby, Igor Pryazhin, Peter Brinkhof, Guido Gilgen and Brian Tobin

Duran Duran re-entered AIR studios in London to embark on their second LP, eventually titled 'RIO'. Recorded during January and February of 1982, the LP was released in May of that year to great success everywhere but the US.
As many of you have noticed, the 'RIO' album is somewhat different depending on whether you are listening to the vinyl version or CD. In fact there are several variations of each.
In the following text we will try to elaborate on the different pressings, mixes, and curiosities surroundings this Duran Duran release. All of our personal notes are in parenthesis.

The following outlines the various different versions of the 'RIO' album:
 US LP (Version 1)
 US LP (Version 2)
 US LP (Version 3)
 Australian Radio Special
 Worldwide CD Version
 DVD (Classic Album Series)
 Collectors Edition
 The Album Sleeve


Additionally, for some reason there are numerous versions and inconsistencies relating to all of the tracks:
 My own way.
 Lonely in your nightmare.
 Hungry like the wolf.
 Hold back the rain.
 New religion.
 Last chance on the stairway.
 Save a prayer.
 The chauffeur.


There are a few versions of some songs, which are only different in the way they fade out. We have classified them as separate versions if they seem to be deliberately different and have at least a distinct longer ending. For example 'Rio (PT. II)', which is the US Single Version plus an additional 28 seconds at the end, or 'Save A Prayer (Special Edited Version)', which is the US Single Version plus an additional 11 seconds.

We have not listed separately versions/songs if the difference is nominal, such as the 3 additional seconds of the Carnival Remix of 'Hold Back The Rain' (which can be found on the Japanese 'CARNIVAL'), or the 6 additional seconds of the Carnival Remix of 'My Own Way' (which was released on the UK 12" single 'RIO').

Also included in this list are the different 'BPM' (beats per minute) versions of 'Hungry Like The Wolf'.




The initial UK vinyl LP (EMC 3341/0C 062-64 782) was released by EMI in a textured outer sleeve, and encompassed nine tracks over a 42:38 minute playing time.

Side A
5:33 Rio
4:48 My Own Way
3:48 Lonely In Your Nightmare
3:38 Hungry Like The Wolf
3:57 Hold Back The Rain

Side B
5:28 New Religion
4:18 Last Chance On The Stairway
5:32 Save A Prayer
5:10 The Chauffeur

Duplicates of this original master were sent out to all countries of release including mainland Europe, North America and Asia. Copies from Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea although having lyrical inserts, and in the case of the Japanese pressing, superb sound quality and elaborate packaging, do not have any differences in content.

All other versions of the 'RIO' album, except those noted below, are in fact identical to the original UK release.


 US LP (Version 1) (matrix: ST-1-12211-Z1 #1)


In all cases, identical versions of the US releases (ST-12211) were also issued in Canada. Interesting to note is the fact that the photo of the band is printed mirror-inverted on all inner sleeves of the US and Canadian issues.

The initial American version of the 'RIO' LP is identical to the UK version above (i.e., it contains the 'original' mixes of the tracks). It was released on the Harvest label in May of 1982, and has a matrix number ST-1-12211-Z1 #1. The sound quality of this pressing was not too spectacular, sounding muddy and veiled as compared to other releases.

Side A
5:32 Rio
4:41 My Own Way [actually 4:48]
3:52 Lonely In Your Nightmare
3:40 Hungry Like The Wolf
3:59 Hold Back The Rain

Side B
5:31 New Religion
4:18 Last Chance On The Stairway
5:33 Save A Prayer
5:12 The Chauffeur


 US LP (Version 2) (matrix: ST-1-12211-Z13-REI #1)


The successes at that time of mini-LPs by Missing Persons, Thomas Dolby and Duran Duran, prompted Capitol to change the marketing strategy of the group from that of New Romantics to a dance band.

Duran Duran's 'CARNIVAL' remix EP was released in the US in September of 1982 to great success. DJs around the country began to play the remixed dance versions of the 'RIO' album tracks. Apparently, the previous mixing on 'RIO' didn't fit the US market, and at the invitation of Capitol Records North America, proceeded to have the album reworked. Being pleased with the remixes already done on 'My Own Way' and 'Hold Back The Rain', the band, with the approval of Capitol, once again enlisted the help of David Kershenbaum.

The 'remixed & remastered' North American LP was released on the Harvest label in November of 1982, and has a matrix number ST-1-12211-Z13-REI #1. It was sent out with a blue sticker noting its difference. No Kershenbaum remix credit is to be found, neither on the inner sleeve nor on the label for Side A. Thus, the labeled timings of the tracks are incorrect and simply carried over from the previous version.

Side A
5:32 Rio [actually 5:24 US Album Remix]
4:41 My Own Way [actually 4:29 Carnival Remix]
3:52 Lonely In Your Nightmare [actually 4:52 US Album Remix]
3:40 Hungry Like The Wolf [actually 4:02 US Album Remix]
3:59 Hold Back The Rain [actually 6:28 US Album Remix]

Side B
5:31 New Religion
4:18 Last Chance On The Stairway
5:33 Save A Prayer
5:12 The Chauffeur

'Rio', which was remixed into a 6:39 Night Version by Kershenbaum, was not only edited down for the second American LP (clocking in at 5:24), it is also different in the way the saxophone is mixed. The version of 'My Own Way' was taken from the original UK LP, and by altering the lyrical structure and sequence of song segments; Mr. Kershenbaum created a 4:29 masterpiece, which can also be found on the US 'CARNIVAL'.

Collectors should note that before the Limited Edition of the album came out in 2009, the David Kershenbaum mix of 'Lonely In Your Nightmare' could have been found only on the second and third versions of the American vinyl LP. 'Hungry Like The Wolf' appears on the second US version as a remixed 'album' version, which was also issued in December of 1982 on the American 7" single re-release, and 'Hold Back The Rain' appears as a slightly edited version of the Carnival Remix both developed by David Kershenbaum.


 US LP (Version 3) (matrix: ST-1-12211-Z16 #1)


It is entirely unclear why, shortly after releasing the 'remixed & remastered' 'RIO' LP, a third version of the LP was rushed into stores. The third version is identical to the second, except for the 'Hungry Like The Wolf' Kershenbaum remix being replaced with the longer and previously released Night Version.

It could be that once 'Hungry Like The Wolf' received attention in the US, the radio stations played it in heavy rotation, but they played the Night Version instead of the US Album Remix (both versions were included on the US single re-release as 'long and short version'), and Capitol wanted to have this longer 'hit version' on the album.

This third version was released on both Harvest and Capitol, and has a matrix number ST-1-12211-Z16 #1. It is vastly more common than the second version, and finally credits David Kershenbaum for his remixes, although kind of mislabeled, since the 'Hungry Like The Wolf' Night Version was not done by him.

Sometime in 1983, Columbia House (an American mail-order record club company) issued this version of the LP with the catalogue number ST-512211. Also, the club edition by RCA Music Service (R163452) utilized this remixed version of the album.

Side A
5:28 Rio [actually 5:24 US Album Remix]
4:36 My Own Way [actually 4:29 Carnival Remix]
4:52 Lonely In Your Nightmare [US Album Remix]
5:14 Hungry Like The Wolf [Night Version]
6:32 Hold Back The Rain [actually 6:28 US Album Remix]

Side B
5:31 New Religion
4:18 Last Chance On The Stairway
5:33 Save A Prayer
5:12 The Chauffeur

Although no longer necessary due to the 2009 EMI CD release of the Kershenbaum US version of the 'RIO' LP, included here for completeness is a DIY guide to making your own version of this Kershenbaum album on CD!


 Australian Radio Special


In Australia, where Duran Duran had a huge following, EMI put together a promotional-only 'Rio-Radio Special' (EMC 3341/DD-999). This is essentially the standard UK release with special introductions to all the songs by both Nick and John, and several radio spots added to the end of the LP.

All of the radio specials were shipped in the normal Patrick Nagel picture sleeve, with the only differentiation being a white sticker announcing the added attractions on the record. Although no actual pressing numbers were kept, it is believed that no more than 300-500 were pressed.

Side A
0:38 Intro: Rio
5:30 Rio
0:22 Intro: My Own Way
4:43 My Own Way
0:34 Intro: Lonely In Your Nightmare
3:48 Lonely In Your Nightmare
1:04 Intro: Hungry Like The Wolf
3:40 Hungry Like The Wolf
0:28 Intro: Hold Back The Rain
3:54 Hold Back The Rain

Side B
1:00 Intro: New Religion
5:30 New Religion
0:36 Intro: Last Chance On The Stairway
4:18 Last Chance On The Stairway
0:51 Intro: Save A Prayer
5:28 Save A Prayer
5:25 Intro: The Chauffeur. The Chauffeur
Album Promos For Radio Station
0:10 Stay Tuned
0:09 Later Tonight
0:10 Later On
0:10 Later This Week




One oddity that exists is a Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs audiophile cassette of 'RIO' (MFSL C-110). This was released in the United States in 1983, and utilized the original master tape of the English pressing, not the remixed & remastered American version as was stated on the label. Although boasting a better sound quality, due to the deterioration of analogue cassettes as they age, no sonic quality can be gained with this cassette in light of the 2009 remastered 'RIO' 2 CD release.

There also exists a Reel-To-Reel issue of the Kershenbaum remixed album. The American record club, Columbia House, issued this Reel-To-Reel box (1R1 512211) sometime in 1983.

Additionally, different 8-Track tapes were manufactured in the US by the record club companies Columbia House (8XT 512211) and RCA Music Service (S163452). The remixed album was used in both cases but, strangely enough, the Columbia House issue plays a totally different track listing: Rio | Hold Back The Rain | My Own Way | Last Chance On The Stairway | Save A Prayer | New Religion | The Chauffeur | Lonely In Your Nightmare | Hungry Like The Wolf, and came with three different slip covers.

Also, Simon had this to say about the meaning of 'Rio'.


 Worldwide CD Version


During this time period of 1982-1983, 'RIO' was released on both vinyl and cassette formats. The compact disc revolution had not yet started, and 'RIO' did not appear on CD until early 1984, even though the Japanese 'Black Triangle' compact disc (CP35-3067/EMC-3411A-B) was already issued by Toshiba/EMI in December of 1983.

This Japanese release, wrapped with a purple OBI strip, was manufactured by CBS/Sony in Shizuoka Prefecture, and not 'MFD. BY TOSHIBA EMI LTD.' as was stated on the disc (Toshiba/EMI did not have a pressing plant in operation yet). The very first pressings (matrix: CP35-3067 1A1 C and CP35-3067 2A1) of this CD came with no imprint in the plastic hub, whereas additional CBS/Sony pressings (matrix: CP35-3067 11) have a repeating hub imprint that says 'CSR COMPACT DISC' (CSR stands for CBS/Sony Records).
Another pressing (matrix: CP35-3067 21A1 +++++), which also has the 'CSR COMPACT DISC' hub imprint, is to be found. The matrix information on this issue includes '+++++', which is a CBS/Sony pressing indicator from sometime in 1985 and onwards.

Toshiba/EMI began manufacturing their own CDs in Japan, which can be identified by a 'TO' in the matrix of the disc, not before 1986. We haven't seen a pressing of this particular CD with a 'TO' code, suspecting that these possibly don't exist. We can only guess that the Japanese 'Pastmasters' reissue (CP21-6047), released in September of 1990 with a black OBI strip, was the first issue being pressed by Toshiba/EMI.

Anyway, 'RIO' was one of the first CDs EMI (not Capitol) released in the UK and in the US, while the one for the US market came initially in a clear plastic 'blister pack'. In fact, EMI/Capitol devised a new numbering system at the time, suggesting that 'RIO' (CDP 7 46003 2) was the third CD they released. The first (CDP 7 46001 2) was Pink Floyd's 'DARK SIDE OF THE MOON'.

The production for these very first 'RIO' CDs was made in West Germany by Polygram (matrix: 746 003-2 2893 060 03), as both EMI and Capitol were lacking a CD pressing plant of their own at the time. The CD cover was labeled initially as 'Manufactured by Polygram in Hanover, West Germany', and later reduced to 'Manufactured in West Germany' on additional Polygram pressings. One interesting thing to note about these first UK and US CD issues is that, while 'RIO' was made in West Germany, the CBS/Sony CD pressing plant in Japan was chosen for 'SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER' (CDP 7 46015 2), 'DURAN DURAN' (CDP 7 46042 2) and 'ARENA' (CDP 7 46048 2).

Capitol also used the Sony DADC plant in Terre Haute, Indiana for additional pressings in the United States, before they began producing CDs at their own plant in Jacksonville, Illinois in 1987.

These DADC pressings, which came initially also in a clear plastic 'blister pack', can be identified by finding an imprint in the plastic hub around the center hole of the CD that says '® Made in USA – Digital Audio Disc Corp.', and by the 'DIDX 239' number as part of the matrix information on the disc. 'DIDX', which stands for Digital IDentification eXternal, is a Sony identification code that was used to track the manufacturing of compact discs by Sony for other record companies. A 'DIDX' code alone, printed in the booklet or/and on the disc label, doesn't necessarily mean that it actually is a DADC pressing. This code was simply not removed by Capitol for later runs of the US CD release.

A later West German Sonopress (matrix: SONOPRESS B-6073/CDP7460032A) 'RIO' release was issued in 1985-1986, and also distributed in the UK and the USA. Oddly, in North America these German Sonopress EMI discs can be found in the 'long box' issues from 1986, while the Capitol booklets and boxes were printed in the USA.

In the UK, EMI opened its first CD manufacturing plant in Swindon in May of 1986. It is most likely that their first 'RIO' CD pressings were made in 1987. In fact, Swindon pressings were available before Parlophone reissued the UK CD (CD PRG 1004) in 1993.

Collectors should note at this point that the version of 'Hold Back The Rain' used for the original CD master, is not the same one that was used on the original UK vinyl LP. A different mix of the song was probably found and used for the CD master because of the original's inherent distortion, but this is all speculation on the author's part. Also, 'Lonely In Your Nightmare' and 'Save A Prayer' are slightly different compared to the versions, which can be heard on the UK vinyl release of the album.

Apparently, once 'RIO' was mastered for CD, this digital master became the one used for all CD productions, even if the volume level can vary from one issue to another.

5:35 Rio
4:50 My Own Way
3:51 Lonely In Your Nightmare [CD Album Version]
3:40 Hungry Like The Wolf
3:48 Hold Back The Rain [CD Album Version]
5:32 New Religion
4:20 Last Chance On The Stairway
5:26 Save A Prayer [Single Version]
5:12 The Chauffeur

The 'RIO' CD was remastered and reissued in June of 2001, available in a standard jewel case (7243 5 29924 0 9) and in a LP shaped, gatefold cardboard minisleeve (7243 5 25919 0 9).

There was some initial indications (or speculation) that the original version of the album was going to be used. Since the term 'original' is subjective, the eventual release was a disappointment for some hoping for the US remixed release. The remastered 'RIO' CD is identical to previous releases of the CD, with the exception of having an addition of CD-ROM multimedia material. The enhanced section of the disc includes the videos for 'Rio', 'Hungry Like The Wolf' and 'Save A Prayer' plus memorabilia (Discography, Photos, Lyrics) & weblink.

When asked about the remastered CD, the EMI project coordinator had this to say: 'What it boils down to is that there are a number of masters relating to their album, and there was no way of actually finding out which was the original master, because they all seem to have been cut and used at the same time for different territories'. He later says, 'It really was an absolute maze, listening to the tapes to try to work out what may or may not have been the original master. In the end, we came to what we believed to be the closest decision. The band were happy with the version we mastered, and that's what came out'.


 DVD (Classic Album Series)


The 'RIO' Classic Album DVD (EU: EREDV 693 & US: EV 30254-9) was released in October of 2008 as part of Eagle Vision's Classic Albums series. Although not an EMI release, this official DVD tells the story behind the writing, recording and success of the album.

It includes interviews from the current band members - Simon, Nick, John and Roger, as well as Bob Geldof, Paul Berrow (former co-manager), Russell Mulcahy (video director), Geoff Kempin (former EMI Video managing director), Rupert Perry (former Capitol Records vice president of artist and repertoire), Dave Ambrose (former EMI Records director of artist and repertoire), David Kershenbaum (US remix producer), Anthony Price (fashion designer), Beverley Glick (journalist), Denis O'Regan (photographer), Malcolm Garrett (graphic designer), Kasper de Graaf (former editor of New Sounds, New Styles) and John Sykes (MTV co-founding executive). Unfortunately, there was no input or involvement from Andy Taylor.

We hear about shooting the music videos, the band's origins and development, impressions of their music and how they were breaking in America. Very interesting are the multiple times when the band members sit at the mixing board and, using the original unmixed individual master tracks, illustrate how the songs were built up from their component instrument tracks.

This disc shows how the whole process worked, from inspiration to recording. It tells about how producer David Kershenbaum was brought in by Capitol to remix the album to give it a more 'US sound' and about the making of the album sleeve. Finally, there are five live-in-studio performances recorded at WGBH in Boston in 2008.

2:13 Intro
8:28 Rio
6:25 In The Beginning
3:58 New Religion
5:08 Hold Back The Rain
3:24 The Chauffeur
9:47 Hungry Like The Wolf
3:33 The Sri Lankan Videos
8:49 Save A Prayer

Bonus Material
15:40 Videos
6:28 Save A Prayer
9:32 How To Make It In The USA
8:38 The Chauffeur And Simon's Lyrics
10:51 Early Days
3:21 The Rio Album Sleeve

Live Songs From Boston
6:01 Rio
5:29 Save A Prayer
6:01 New Religion
3:51 Hungry Like The Wolf
5:27 The Chauffeur


 Collectors Edition


In September of 2009, EMI released 'RIO' as a special Collectors Edition. Available as a '2 CD Limited Edition' (EMCX 3411) housed in a 60-page hard case book with textured sleeve, a digital download and on 'Limited Edition Double Vinyl' LP (EMCD 3411), which also, in allusion to the initial UK vinyl release, comes in a textured outer sleeve.

This release is made up of the original UK LP and the second North American LP version, enabling fans to be able to listen to both the original UK version, and the US version of the album in superb sound quality. No alternate album versions for 'Lonely In Your Nightmare', 'Hold Back The Rain' or 'Save A Prayer' as compared to prior CD productions were used. Here we find the versions from the 1982 vinyl LPs, which were digitally remastered from the original recordings for this Definitive Edition.

Additionally, the Manchester Square demos (recorded on August 28th 1981 at the headquarters of EMI Records), B-sides and remixes from that time period are found on the second disc. The hard case book embraces some great photos from 1981 to 1984, lyrics and liner notes written by Daryl Easlea, which contain statements from the band members as well.

The 2 CD Limited Edition includes:

Disc 1
5:36 Rio
4:48 My Own Way
3:50 Lonely In Your Nightmare [LP Album Version]
3:40 Hungry Like The Wolf
3:59 Hold Back The Rain [LP Album Version]
5:31 New Religion
4:18 Last Chance On The Stairway
5:33 Save A Prayer [Album Version]
5:12 The Chauffeur
5:24 Rio (US Album Remix)
4:29 My Own Way (Carnival Remix)
4:52 Lonely In Your Nightmare (US Album Remix)
4:02 Hungry Like The Wolf (US Album Remix)
6:29 Hold Back The Rain (US Album Remix)

Disc 2
5:04 Last Chance On The Stairway (Manchester Square Demo)
4:38 My Own Way (Manchester Square Demo)
5:32 New Religion (Manchester Square Demo)
4:59 Like An Angel (Manchester Square Demo)
3:39 My Own Way (Original 7" Version)
4:41 Like An Angel
4:11 Careless Memories (Live)
3:53 The Chauffeur (Blue Silver) (Early Version)
6:31 My Own Way (Night Version)
5:11 Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) [129 B.P.M. Night Version]
6:39 Rio (Night Version)
5:13 New Religion (Carnival Remix)
7:00 Hold Back The Rain (Carnival Remix)
0:14 Simon's Christmas Message 1982 (Hidden Track)

The digital download has 2 exclusive bonus tracks:


6:32 My Own Way (Instrumental Version)
6:38 Hold Back The Rain (Alternate Remix) [Strange Behaviour Remix]

The vinyl edition comes with:

Side A
5:36 Rio
4:48 My Own Way
3:50 Lonely In Your Nightmare [LP Album Version]
3:40 Hungry Like The Wolf
3:59 Hold Back The Rain [LP Album Version]

Side B
5:31 New Religion
4:18 Last Chance On The Stairway
5:33 Save A Prayer [Album Version]
5:12 The Chauffeur

Side C
5:24 Rio (US Album Remix)
4:29 My Own Way (Carnival Remix)
4:52 Lonely In Your Nightmare (US Album Remix)

Side D
4:02 Hungry Like The Wolf (US Album Remix)
6:29 Hold Back The Rain (US Album Remix)


 The Album Sleeve


The album cover for 'RIO' is simply iconic. It perfectly represents the period when the album was released, and is now a symbol of the whole decade. The sleeve is one of Malcolm Garrett's (Assorted iMaGes, London) finest designs, complimenting the amazing illustration done by Patrick Nagel (Los Angeles).

Paul Barrow (then co-manager of Duran Duran) was an avid reader of Playboy and appreciated Patrick Nagel's work. He suggested to the band to commission the American illustrator to do a painting for their upcoming release.

Nagel's first attempt, known as 'NC 9', was rejected for the album, but was used for the picture sleeve of the 'MY OWN WAY' 7" single in Japan. The Japanese single was released in May of 1982, six months after the original UK issue. This unique image has also finally been considered for the inner booklet of the 2001 gatefold cardboard CD remaster. The 'NC 9' painting shared the three floating geometric shapes, placed for the letters 'R', 'I' and 'O', with the illustrator’s second attempt.

The second painting became the illustration for the momentous 'RIO' album. The original canvas is stored in a gallery in London, and was brought out and has been shown on the documentary 'THERE'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW'.

But note, there are actually 2 different versions of this second effort. The one which has been taken for the album and another one, also known as 'TEXAS', which was released as limited edition serigraph and unlimited lithograph prints.

Not only the eye shadows and cheek blush are a noticeable difference, also the chin, the eyes, the hair and the gradient of the streamers are slightly different. Both versions should have been done at around the same time, since both are to be seen in a video interview with Patrick Nagel from September of 1982. While the 'album' version is hanging in the background on the wall, the 'print' version is foregrounded in one scene of the video.

 Rio. (14 versions)

There are 14 different versions for the song 'Rio', although they are based on mainly 3 different mixes.

The Video Version, Brazilian Edit and US Edit have been edited down from the original UK Album Version, running with an approximate 140 BPM.

Remixed by David Kershenbaum, the Night Version, with the US Album Remix and the US Single Remix being derived from that, is also running with an approximate 140 BPM. This first remix has, among other attributes, a shorter intro, different keyboard parts in the left channel and some additional backing vocals that were recorded for the last verse and are easy to spot while Simon is singing 'you make me feel alive, alive, alive...'. The saxophone at the end of the song is placed way back in the mix, but still audible.

The second remix is only slightly different compared to the previous one. You can also hear the different keyboard parts, but now in both channels. The additional backing vocals are very low in the mix, and the saxophone at the end of the song stays turned up. With 142 BPM, this mix is slightly faster than the other two versions and was utilized for the US Single Version, UK Promo Single Version, Part 1 and PT. II aka Full 7" Mix.

01 [Album Version] (5:33)
The standard Album Version.

02 [US Single Version] (4:34)
This mix is a cut based on the second remix and was edited at three places: at the beginning (no intro), after the first refrain and at the end. This version appears on the first issue of the US 7" single for 'RIO' (B-5175) released in October of 1982.

03 [UK Promo Single Version] (4:57)
Released on the promotional one-sided UK 7" single 'RIO' (matrix: EMI 5346 A-DJ-1U-1-1-1). This version fades out early and is based on the second remix. It is much the same as Part 1 (see below), only the instrumental parts before the first and second verse have been edited.

04 [Single Version] (4:40)
This mix was used on the 7" single for most countries but the USA and Canada. It has the same cuts as the US Single Version above, but strangely enough, this edit seems to be baseless. It wasn't remixed by David Kershenbaum, since it has all the subtleness of the UK Album Version. But it already has the extra keyboard parts (left channel) and the additional backing vocals, which makes this a 'halfway between' version. Also strange; there is only one place where you can find this 'real' Single Version on CD. It was not released on any Greatest Hits Collection and it was also not included on 'THE SINGLES 81-85' Box Set. This Single Version of 'Rio' can only be found on CD on the promo-only Japanese 'I DON'T WANT YOUR...SPECIAL DJ COPY' (SPCD-1030) from 1988. Also interesting is the fact that only the first pressings of the UK 7" single (matrix: EMI 5346 A-1...) contain this 4:40 Single Version, later pressings (matrix: EMI 5346 A-4U...) utilized the 5:11 Part 1 version of the song!

05 (Part 2) (5:28)
This is the 12" remix which appears on the UK 12" (12 EMI 5346). Although listed on the Japanese 'CARNIVAL' (Japanese 12" and subsequent 2 CD set), the wrong master was delivered to the Toshiba/EMI offices in Tokyo (see the Full 7" Mix). It is a completely different mix, which eliminates most of the vocals. It has only an indication of the intro and a totally different ending. It fits best to the second remix, because of the different keyboard parts in both channels, but runs at an approximate 140 BPM (identical to the first remix). This version appears also on the promotional American 12" single for 'RIO' (SPRO-9861/SPRO-9862), although mislabeled as the Night Version.

06 (Part 1) (5:11)
This version fades out early and is based on the second remix. It appears on the B-side of the UK 12" single, and also on additional pressings of the UK 7" single, replacing the above 4:40 Single Version.

07 [Video Version] (5:03)
This is an edit of the standard UK Album Version. Only a few seconds from the intro were removed and the last refrain was changed/edited. Oddly, in the US, the video originally played on MTV & VH1 used an edit of the US Album Remix. It is a much more logical edit than the UK Video Version, where it was 'spliced' halfway through the first line of the last chorus. The US Video Version cuts at the beginning of the bar so the 'horn blast' is intact as well as the shift in drum beat. As far as we know, this version was never released on any video compilation. Therefore, this US Video Version is not considered here as a separate version of the song.

08 (Night Version) (6:39)
This is the David Kershenbaum remix, which appears on the Dutch 12" EP 'CARNIVAL' (1A 062Z-64 942). It is an extended version, which contains additional instrumental sections and it is based on the first remix.

09 [US Album Remix] (5:24)
This remix, completed by David Kershenbaum, was released on the second and third versions of the American vinyl LP and is based on the first remix. A few more seconds from the intro were removed, and the saxophone portion at the the of the song stays quite apparent as compared to the Night Version.

10 (PT. II) [Full 7" Mix] (5:02)
This mix appears on the Japanese 12" EP 'CARNIVAL' (EMS-50125), the Japanese 12" single 'RIO' (PRP-8225) and subsequent 12" mixes CD issue (TOCP-6707-8). It is mislabeled as 'Rio (PT. II)' and is based on the second remix. This Full 7" Mix is similar to the US Single Version, but including 28 additional seconds as it plays until the end of the song.

11 [US Single Remix] (3:58)
This version has been heavily edited down for the re-release of the American 'RIO' single (B-5215) in March of 1983. It is the US Album Remix, with the intro being removed completely, the instrumental portion after the first refrain being edited, without the girl's laughing after the second refrain, and it is only including the second half of the sax solo. The fade out already begins with Simon singing 'she don't need to understand...'. Oddly, THIS mix was included on Vol. 9 of the 'JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH' CD series on Rhino Records (R2 71702) and not the Album Version or the original US 7" version.

12 [Brazilian Edit] (3:36)
This is an edit of the standard UK Album Version. It fades out very early during the sax solo and can be found on the Brazilian 7" EP 'RIO' (31C 016-65 184).

13 (US Edit) (4:43)
This is a cut based on the UK Album Version and is found on the 'GREATEST' releases. The beginning and the end are the only parts of the song that have been changed. It is possible that the people who compiled 'GREATEST' (7243 4 96239 2 7) in 1998, while looking for the US Single Version, found this version sitting in a box in the Abbey Road Studio tape library, which sounded about right for them.

14 (12" Mastermix) (6:56)
This extended version includes the intro and the vocal sections that were edited out of Part 2, but has the same instrumental portion and the same unique ending. It could best be classified as the second remix, because of the different keyboard parts in both channels, but has also identical sections to the first remix, as the 140 BPM. This remix was included on a 4 CD Box set (BX039) that was released in 2005 for DJs and sounds legitimate. The company, Music Factory, making the CDs is from the UK, so if it is officially licensed, we suspect EMI got a request for this compilation set and either unknowingly picked out a version that'd never been released before.

 My own way. (7 versions)

01 [Single Version] (3:39)
The 'My Own Way' single (EMI 5254) was originally released in November of 1981, prior to the recording of the 'RIO' album. This version has a totally different arrangement than the Album Version.

02 (Night Version) (6:34)
This is an extended version, which was used for the UK 12" single release (12 EMI 5254).

One interesting thing to note about the picture sleeves of the 'MY OWN WAY' single is that they were designed by Peter Saville and initially were issued with a gold Duran Duran logotype, later replaced with blue Duran Duran logotype on second and additional pressings. The UK 12" single also came with a 'message' from the band: 'SHAKE THAT DOTIE GROOVE THAAAG' was etched into the run-out groove area of the vinyl record.

03 (Instrumental Version) (6:33)
This is the Night Version without the vocals. It appears on an UK 12" promotional release (PSLP 348).

04 [Album Version] (4:49)
'My Own Way' was re-recorded for the 'RIO' album session utilizing a slower tempo, slightly altered lyrical arrangement and without the inclusion of the string section as compared to the Single Version.

05 [Carnival Remix] (4:29)
This version was mixed from the Album Version. Additional lyrics, apparently left off the original, were included to round out the mix and this version was remixed with the 'rhythm section punched up, making it ideal for dancing' for the US 'CARNIVAL' (DLP-15006). This mix was also used for the remixed & remastered US album release, and can be found (with a 6 second longer fade out) on the UK 12" single of 'RIO'.

06 [Brazilian Edit] (3:43)
This is an edit of the Album Version, fading out very early. It can be found on the Brazilian 7" EP 'RIO'.

07 (Manchester Square Demo) (4:38)
Released by EMI on the 2 CD Limited Edition in 2009, this early version of the song was already being played by the band during their 'FASTER THAN LIGHT' tour in summer 1981. The lyrics seem to be unfinished at this point, the chorus and parts of the second verse are slightly different.

 Lonely in your nightmare. (4 versions)

01 [LP Album Version] (3:50)
The standard Album Version, which is different to all the other mixes.

02 [US Album Remix] (4:52)
This version has been remixed from the original full unedited take, which is the Video Version below. In comparison to the original, this remix has more reverb and sounds much higher. For the most part, the bass and the guitars are softer, at same time the keyboards and drums are louder. This remixed version of the song can be heard on the second and third versions of the US vinyl LP, and was also issued on the 2009 EMI 'RIO' remastered CD & LP releases.

03 [Video Version] (4:50)
This 'extended' version has not only instrumental passages that are longer, but there are also extra lyrics in the middle and towards the end of the song. This mix seems to be the original, with the version made for the standard CD being edited from this full-length version. As compared to the other mixes, this version is slightly slower in tempo. It was issued on the 'LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH '82!' DVD (DDLIVEX 82) and can also be found on the 'VIDEO ALBUM' released in March of 1983. The 'video album version' has overdubs of Simon walking, and the segway portion between songs.

04 [CD Album Version] (3:50)
A slightly different 'album' mix was selected for the CD release. The deep synth sound at the beginning is 2 seconds shorter than on the vinyl LP and it is followed by a 4 bar intro before Simon starts singing, whereas the vinyl Album Version only has 3 bars. Also, the programmed click percussion sound in the right channel during the choruses is mixed much louder on this version. This mix can also be found on the remastered reissue of the 'RIO' CD from 2001.

 Hungry like the wolf. (8 versions)

There are 8 different mixes for 'Hungry Like The Wolf', although there are only 4, if you don't count the 'faded early' and 'sped up' versions as being variant.

Apparently back in 1982, it was quite hard to decide at which speed 'Hungry Like The Wolf' sounded better - at the initial 127 BPM or the up-speeded 132 BPM! If you'll listen closely to each version, you can hear the mastering difference.

01 [Single Version] (3:27)
Found on the original UK 7" single (EMI 5295), this is simply an edit of the Album Version. It was edited after the second refrain and runs at an approximate 127 BPM. This 'original' Single Version also appears on the Box Set 'THE SINGLES 81-85' (7243 5 51728 2 2).

02 (Night Version) (5:14)
This is an extended remix of the song. It contains additional instrumental sections at the beginning and also extra lyrics towards the end. It runs at an approximate 127 BPM and appears on the UK 12" single (12 EMI 5295), the US issue of 'CARNIVAL' and the third version of the American LP.

03 [Album Version] (3:39)
The standard Album Version with an approximate 127 BPM.

04 (132 B.P.M.) [Album Version Sped Up] (3:35)
Oddly, a 3:35 version appears on an American promotional 12" sampler (SPRO-9786/SPRO-9787). This is the standard Album Version, although sped up, and it is even labeled as '132 B.P.M.'.

05 [Single Version Sped Up] (3:23)
This up-speeded Single Version can be found on the first issue of the US 7" single (B-5134), on 'DECADE' and 'GREATEST'.

06 [Single Version Faded Early] (3:11)
This is an edit of the 'original' Single Version, fading out early. It can be found on the various artists LP 'CHART ATACK' (STAR 2221) released by Telstar in October of 1982. The album cover of this compilation notes: 'To ensure the highest quality reproduction, the running times of some of the titles as originally released have been changed'.

07 (Night Version) [Night Version Sped Up] (5:09)
Very oddly, a 5:09 sped up Night Version appears on both the Japanese and Dutch vinyl issues of 'CARNIVAL'. It can also be found on the compilations 'STRANGE BEHAVIOUR' from 1999 and 'THE SINGLES 81-85' from May 2003.

08 [US Album Remix] (4:02)
This is a remix of the UK Album Version. It has a different laughing at the beginning, the instrumental part after the second refrain is 9 seconds shorter and at the end we have two more refrains than on the UK Album Version. This mix runs also with an approximate 127 BPM. It can be found on the second version of the American LP and was also issued on the US 7" single re-release (B-5195).

 Hold back the rain. (6 versions)

01 (Remix) [LP Album Version] (3:57)
This is the original Album Version utilizing the keyboard portion of the song more prominently than subsequent mixes of the song. As compared to other mixes, this version lacks two vocal verses, starting with 'People tell me I haven't changed at all...' and 'So what if the words ain't rhyming...'. This edit (listed as a remix) was also used as the B-side on the UK 'SAVE A PRAYER' 7" single (EMI 5327).

02 (Remix) [12" Remix] (7:05)
This 'extended' mix seems to be the original, with the version made for the UK vinyl LP being edited from this full-length version. It appears as the B-side on the UK 'SAVE A PRAYER' 12" single (12 EMI 5327).

03 (Re-Mix) [Carnival Remix] (7:00)
Remixed by David Kershenbaum, this remix appears on the American and Japanese 'CARNIVAL' EPs. On the American issue, the label incorrectly lists the length of the track (6:50), which is actually 7:00, fading out the last few seconds of the original mix (7:03). This is a remix of the version from the 12" single of 'SAVE A PRAYER'. A few seconds from the intro were removed, the guitars have been turned up, therefore the keyboards and the bass are lower in most parts of the mix. If you listen closely, you can hear a loud sound effect after the first refrain and a place where the mix was pieced together.

04 [US Album Remix] (6:28)
Released on the second and third versions of the American vinyl LP, this is simply an edit of the Carnival Remix. The last two refrains were edited and the fade out is a bit faster. This mix also appears on the B-side of the re-release of the 'RIO' single in America.

05 [CD Album Version] (3:47)
This alternate edit includes all the lyrics of the song. The keyboards, which are quite apparent in the vinyl version, are placed further back in the mix, and are, for the most part, unintelligible.

06 (Remix) [Strange Behaviour Remix] (6:35)
This is a completely different extended remix. Only the second verse is complete. The vocals of the first verse were removed. This unique mix focuses on the instrumental sections and the refrains of the song, and was pulled out of the archives for the 'STRANGE BEHAVIOUR' release (7243 4 93972 2 4). The tape was actually marked up as the UK master for the 12" on the tape box, but is obviously not! Also on the 'STRANGE BEHAVIOUR' CD is an otherwise unreleased remix of 'Planet Earth'. That mix was marked as Night Mix on the tape box and had not been used until 'STRANGE BEHAVIOUR'. We would suspect that both 'Planet Earth' and 'Hold Back The Rain' were remixed specifically for the 'CARNIVAL' EPs, but never used.

 New religion. (3 versions)

01 [Album Version] (5:31)
The standard Album Version.

02 [Carnival Remix] (5:13)
A completely different mix of 'New Religion', which eliminated most of the vocals, was included on the Japanese 'CARNIVAL'.

03 (Manchester Square Demo) (5:32)
The arrangement of this song was nearly finished when they recorded it at EMI's Manchester Square studio in August of 1981. Noticeable differences are the vocals, which sound kind of unconfident or unfinished. Colin Thurston did a good job helping Simon with the harmonies during the latter 'RIO' album session!

 Last chance on the stairway. (2 versions)

01 [Album Version] (4:18)
The standard Album Version.

02 (Manchester Square Demo) (4:18)
This demo is already very close to the final Album Version. Some differences in the way Simon sings the choruses and things like the sound of a cigarette lighter as well as the final touch on the song had to be done for the final Album Version.


 Save a prayer. (7 versions)

01 [Album Version] (5:33)
The standard Album Version. This version also appears on the German 'DMM MEGA MIXES' EP (1C K 062-165 205 6), although mislabeled as a Night Version. There is no Night Version of 'SAVE A PRAYER'.

02 [Single Version] (5:25)
This is an edit of the Album Version. Simon 'forgot' to sing two of the last four lines: 'save a prayer til the morning after'. It appears on most single releases, and all versions mastered for CD, with the exception of the 2 CD Limited Edition from 2009.

03 [Video Version] (6:03)
This version is the way the song was originally mixed. The intro fades in and is about 5 seconds longer than on the Album Version. There are also additional 'save a prayer til the morning after' lyric lines towards the end of the song. It seems the Album Version is an edited-down version of this full mix, and the Single Version is slightly shorter yet again.

04 (Edited Version) (4:09)
An edit based on the Single Version. The instrumental part before the first verse was edited and after the half of the first verse, it goes directly to the second half of the second verse. It appears on the promotional Australian 7" single 'SAVE A PRAYER' (RPS 5).

05 [Brazilian Edit] (4:06)
This is an edit of the Album Version, fading out very early. It can be found on the Brazilian 7" EP 'RIO'.

06 (US Single Version) (3:44)
Another edit from the 'original' Single Version: after the half of the first verse, it goes directly to the second half of the second verse. Some 'save it til the morning after' lyrics were left out after the third verse and this edit fades out early and very quickly. It appears on the US 7" (B-5438) and promotional 12" single (SPRO-9314/SPRO-9315) 'SAVE A PRAYER' from 1985. These releases also include an edit of the live version from 'ARENA', but that version does not fit for this compilation.

07 (Special Edited Version) (3:55)
This is the same as the US Single Version. Only the fade out is not that fast. It appears on the 'ARENA'-related single releases for Germany (1C 006-20 0502 7) and Japan (EMS-17531) from 1985. Although, the Japanese edit fades until the very end of the song and is consequently 4 seconds longer (3:59).

 The chauffeur. (3 versions)

01 [Album Version] (5:10)
The standard Album Version. The US pressings of the LP and the remastered CD from 2001 include this version with an end that is 3 seconds longer. It is the same mix, but it is noticeable that you can hear a louder, clearer and longer final sound effect at the end of the song.

02 (Blue Silver) (3:48)
This is an acoustic version of the song, released on the B-side of the 'RIO' single in the UK. The 'RIO' single was also released in Japan and Australia, each listing 'The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)' on the picture sleeve and label. In actuality, both of these singles contain the standard Album Version as opposed to the acoustic track, making the UK pressing the only place to find this song. In 1993, 'The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)' made its first appearance on CD, included on the 'COME UNDONE 2' US CD single (C2 0777 7 15981 2 8). However, this is a rather abhorrent version taken off a poor vinyl copy of the single, with absolutely no effort made to eliminate surface noise. Labeled as 'The Chauffeur (Acoustic Demo)' as an attempt to mask the inadequacies of the source material available to Capitol Records at that time. It turns out that the master tape for 'The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)' was never stored in EMI's tape archive at Abbey Road. For inclusion in the 2003 CD Singles Box Set, the master tape was traced back to Bob Lamb's Studio in Birmingham and is now safe and sound.

03 [Video Version] (4:57)
This is the standard Album Version. It sounds like it's been quite literally just sped up, possibly to compensate for the fact that the film was shot at 24 fps but transferred to video at 25 fps. The version on the 'GREATEST' DVD (EU: 7243 4 90797 9 3  & US: 7243 4 90825 9 5) seems to speed up not before the first seconds from the intro and it has no sound effect at the end. There is another version of the video which features a motor sound on the intro and which is also missing the sound effect at the end. This video appears on 'SEXY SHORTS' (CMV 1088), a PMI produced collection of eleven unrated music videos by various artists in 1985, also released in the USA under the name 'RED HOT ROCK' (VA3096).