Title: Planet Earth (Club Version) 4:04

  • Director: Unknown
  • Location: Cedar Club, Birmingham, UK
  • Audio Portion: Album Version
  • Notes: This alternate version is one of the easter eggs on GREATEST - THE DVD. It is a very early promotional video put together by the band and their then managers Paul and Michael Berrow, and was filmed at the Cedar Club in Birmingham on December 22nd in 1980. The video on the DVD was accompanied with the standard Album Version, but this audio portion does not fit to the filmed material.


Title: Careless Memories (Manga Cartoon) 4:05

  • Director: Gary Oldknow
  • Location: London, UK
  • Audio Portion: Live From London
  • Notes: 'deepvisual' developed this anime video for the 2004 Homecoming UK Tour. The band used this animation, projected at the background screen during Careless Memories. Later it was released on LIVE FROM LONDON as the only easter egg on this DVD.


Title: The Reflex (Dance Mix - Rockamerica) 5:48

  • Director: Russell Mulcahy
  • Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Audio Portion: The Dance Mix, which has been edited just before the intro of the song is fading in again in the middle of the mix.
  • Notes: Produced by 'Rockamerica', a promotional music video service based in the United States. This version of the video contains scenes from the intro of the DANCING ON THE VALENTINE EP, including snippets from Union Of The Snake and New Moon On Monday.


Title: Notorious [Latin Rascals Mix] 6:29

  • Directors: Peter Kagan and Paula Greif
  • Location: A warehouse in Chelsea (Manhattan), New York, NY, USA
  • Audio Portion: Latin Rascals Mix
  • Notes: Several scenes are repeating several times. This video was made in January of 1987, probably by a video service provider.


Title: Too Much Information (Rockamerica Remix) 6:16

  • Directors: Julien Temple
  • Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • Audio Portion: Trance Mix 12"
  • Notes: Re-edited and distributed by 'Rockamerica' for this most common remix done by Ben Chapman.


Title: White Lines (70's Club Mix) 6:37

  • Directors: Nick Egan
  • Location: Bow Street Studios, London, UK
  • Audio Portion: 70's Club Mix, which is 7:52 in its original form. It is fading much too early here.
  • Notes: Re-edited by Keith Jacobson for 'ETV (Edwards Technologies Video) Networks', a music video subscription service from the USA. Released in May of 1995 on ETV NETWORK DANCE HITS (DH 5031).


Title: Electric Barbarella (Big Red Video Mix - Club Version) 5:41

  • Directors: Ellen von Unwerth
  • Location: Black Island Studios, London, UK
  • Audio Portion: Broadly similar to the Tee's Club Mix by Todd Terry. The audio part in this clip has a longer intro, an extended instrumental portion in the middle, and a slightly different and shorter ending.
  • Notes: Remixed by Rusty Garner for 'Provocative Images', a video production company from the United States. This version includes a few additional scenes that were not shown in the original cut.


Title: (Reach Up For The) Sunrise
         (Jason Nevins Club Mix Edit) 4:11

  • Directors: The Polish Brothers
  • Locations: London, UK, Ibiza and Spanish Pyrenees,
    Spain and California, USA
  • Audio Portion: An edit of the Jason Nevins Club Mix
  • Notes: This version of the video was made and
    distributed for DJs by the US company 'Promo Only'
    in late 2004.


Title: Whatever Happens Tomorrow (Rockamerica Remix) 5:13

  • Directors: Smith n' Borin (Ryan Smith and Frank Borin)
  • Locations: Los Angeles, CA, USA and outdoor sequences at the Topanga Plaza Shopping Center,
    Canoga Park, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Audio Portion: An edit of the Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix
  • Notes: Remixed and distributed by 'Rockamerica' again, and released in July of 2005 as part of the Video Pool DVD series.


Title: Nice [Manga Cartoon] 3:14

  • Director: Gary Oldknow
  • Location: London, UK
  • Audio Portion: Eric Prydz Radio Mix
  • Notes: The band asked Gary Oldknow from 'deepvisual' to make a video for Nice. It was shown at the background screen during the most recent run of live shows for the Astronaut Tour, and has only ever been published on Gary's 'YouTube' account.