Duran Duran's Chart Positions compiled by Ansgar Thomann

Welcome to Duran Duran's Chart Positions, based on the official  discography.

Much has changed in 40 years of releasing records. Not only the rules, the day of announcement and the listed numbers of the official charts, but also the fact that touring makes the money nowadays rather than record sales as ages ago.

But above all, the way we consume music today or how it is released has changed dramatically. In the 1980s a single still used to come out on 7" and 12" vinyl, and was supplemented with cassette and CD singles in the mid to late 80s, although these (then) new formats for a single only really became established during the 1990s.
Today singles generally no longer appear physically, but are available as digital downloads or streams. There are still single B-sides though, only these are now called bonus tracks and appear on specially limited editions of an album.
The changes are pretty similar with album releases, but in this area vinyl has been back and on the rise since the mid-2000s.

Collectors often hunt for rare mixes and promo issues that have a rarity value, but Duran Duran have released some interesting items in the commercial sector as well; gatefold sleeves, poster sleeves, laser-etched vinyl, picture discs, coloured vinyl, poster & postcard inserts, numbered editions, uber deluxe vinyl box-sets, (now) long-forgotten audio formats like Reel-to-reel & 8-track tape, short-lived formats like mini disc, dual disc & super audio CD etc.

After all, the band has sold millions of records worldwide. Here you can find when each single and album entered the charts what the peak-position was and how long it remained.